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why is so great???

because……….jeng jeng jeng…….

he is heading to cyber cafe…weeeeee^^

oh jangan jealous yea =p


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i am his star

twinkling only to his eyes ^^

he calls me ‘star’

but,when i looked up upon sky…

i  saw so many stars…

which one is me actually???

will he recognize me once he looks up upon sky at night?

because there are soooooo many stars up there…..

but deep inside my heart…

i want to be the one and only star for him..

his twinkle twinkle little star….


it was hard

it was so hard for me when i am without you

it was very hard for me when you are not around

it was damn hard for me when your voice is away

it was really hard for me….really really hard….


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Photo Courtesy: ayuliyana

please take good care

bb…please take a good care of yourself…don’t fall sick please are away from me..i’m very worried..

to u:

  • must always have healthy meals
  • must drink a lot of mineral water
  • must eat fruits and vegetable
  • must exercise
  • must have enough sleep *tamo tido lambat

bb…above are the ‘must list’ for you..jangan degil okay..jaga kesihatan kamu….puhlisssss =’(


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right now~i’m craving for puyuh goreng or puyuh masak ape2 saje~uuu sedapnyeee mesti sgt garing kan~nyum nyum~huuuuu mau manhattan~tp at the moment~nk puyuhhhhhhh~nak puyuh puhlisssss ^^

hati rindu

i miss him so much


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